***** Failsafe List Money Making Script ***** If you are not familiar with SSI, installing cgi/perl scripts, you may need help with this installation. If you run into problems, I can provide installation for a minimal fee depending how much you have completed. Also, If you need hosting, I can provide that as well for $5.00 per year. Files Included main.cgi----Unsubscribe, get lost password, change account info. join.cgi----Pro members Join the list here. login.cgi----Check login info and redirect to members area. mailer.cgi----Pro members send email to the list here. freejoin.cgi----Free members join the list here. send.cgi----Free members send emails to the list here. config.cgi----Contains info you need to set accordingly. admin.cgi----Admin panel. numpro.cgi----Displays current number of pro members. numfree.cgi----Displays current number of free members. emails.txt----Contains emails of pro members. freeemails.txt----Contains emails of free members. login.txt----Contains login info of pro members. freelogin.txt----Contains login info, emails and IP addresses of free members. subscribers.txt----Contains complete info about pro members. temp.txt----Contains temp accounts of pro members. freetemp.txt----Contains temp accounts of free members. paypal.txt----Paypal payment module that you need to change. error.txt----Contains info about errors that may occur. safelist.shtml----Main (index) page of Safelist. form.html----Form for signing up pro members. members.html----Members area for pro members. freedownloads.html----Directs to free members free downloads. prodownloads.html----Directs to pro members free downloads. alldownloads.html----Contains entire list of free downloads. prolog.html----Contains pro login form. install.txt----Contains instructions for installation. DIRECTORIES (Folders):

templates----Contains templates you can design to your liking. messages----Contains email messages that the script sends to a members. images----Contains images for web design. downloads----Contains your free safelist script and other free downloads. data----Contains all data files. ======================================================== After Unzipping, there will be five directories and seven files. Directories (Folders): safelist affiliates images downloads - You will give away to prospective pro members for incentive. freedownloads - to give free members for insentive. ------- Files: safelist.shtml form.html install.txt freedownloads.html prodownloads.html alldownloads.html paypal.txt ------- (All images in this directory are replaceable. Images in the side bar are linked. It is recommended that they be replaced with your own. Some are extras and may be deleted. However, it will not hurt to keep them all as they are) The "images" directory contains: adt_logo_white.png ADTAuth.png ADTAuthsmal.png commonenergy.png doorhangar1.jpg Failsafeheader.jpeg - Existing header Failsafeheader1.jpeg germtech.png Holistic-Hemp-Relief-Bundle.png Lifetime.gif logo-safestreets-2019-4.48.35-PM-e1558531372966.jpg WAHS.jpg 4hrsani.jpg 4hrsani1.jpg x-click-but5.gif Files inside the "safelist" directory are:

admin.cgi config.cgi freejoin.cgi join.cgi login.cgi mailer.cgi main.cgi numfree.cgi numpro.cgi send.cgi error.txt Files inside the "downloads" directory are: (You'll give these away as incentive to your members) freesafelistscript.zip - Free script for pros. prosafefree.rar - 30,000+ downloads for pros. freesafefree.rar - downloads for free members Inside the "safelist" directory there are three other directories. Those are: messages templates data The "messages" directory will contain: activate_pro.txt confirm_free.txt welcome_pro.txt welcome_free.txt The "templates" directory will contain: activate.html can't_send_free.html can't_send_pro.html change.html command.html confirm.html confirm1.html error.html forget.html incorrect_link.html invalid_login.html lost_pass.html members.html not_found.html send_pass.html signup_free.html signup_pro.html user.html The "data" directory will contain:
emails.txt freeemails.txt freelogin.txt login.txt subscribers.txt temp.txt tempfree.txt Set the path to perl at the top of each CGI file (except config.cgi). Usually it is #!/usr/bin/perl or #!/usr/local/bin/perl Open config.cgi and follow the instruction inside. Open the paypal.txt file. You must replace YourEmail@YourDomain.com email address with your registered PayPal email address. You must replace YourDomain.com in the URLs with the correct URL to your domain. If you are charging more than $10.00 or less than $10.00 for your membership fee you will need to edit that also. Then copy the entire payment module and insert it into your main (safelist.shtml) page. OR... You may set up your own PayPal module and use it to replace existing module on your main page. (If you are using Cpanel, this should happen automatically.) Upload all the files as they are specified above in Ascii Mode except .gif files. All .gif files upload in Binary Mode. (This must be done manually) Set the file permissions of all CGI files to CHMOD 755. for the TXT, .GIF and .HTML files CHMOD 777. Leave the db files set to CHMOD 644. ***How to use Safelist Pro*** Link to the freejoin.cgi to let free members join. Link to the form.html to let pro members join Execute numpro.cgi and numfree.cgi from your SSI (.shtml/.html) pages. Place the following code where you want to see the number of members displayed: Display numbers of pro members Display numbers of free members (EXAMPLE)

There are pro members
and free members in your Safelist

The URL to the Safelist Pro admin control panel is https://www.yourdomain.com/safelist/admin.cgi You can change the safelist.shtml, members.html and form.html as you want, but if you change members.html do not change these tags.
This is necessary for the script to operate correctly. Also do not remove these tags from safelist.shtml: For free join For Pro login Congratulations - You Now Own Your Own Safelist Business.